Our Mission Statement

The Ripple Effect Vocal Visionary Project, Inc is dedicated to the unification of communities and transformation of social awareness. As a unique ensemble, the singers place great emphasis on diversity, hope, and healing, as well as

megadoses of fun!  Their eclectic, challenging repertoire includes everything from hymns and spirituals to jazz and musical theater. Led by Sherry K, the choir seeks to influence and encourage others to make a difference and “ripple” out from their own lives by building bridges and promoting kindness.


The Ripple Effect is not just a group of voices, but a collective truth-speaking voice in the world by way of the enormous power of music.




Interested in becoming a member of The Ripple Effect?

Video/audio submissions are being accepted.

Contact Sherry K for more information at sherry@sherryk.com or 574.291.9044.


The Ripple Effect Team



Sherry K

Librarian—Michele Russo

Treasurer—Lori Weirich

Development Chair—

Adrianne Stokely 

Logo Design—

Cary Zartman at Z Factory

Graphic Design—

Elizabeth Loring

The Pebbles—Our very special network of kind souls who help with concerts, mailing lists, receptions, etc.

Want to join The Ripple Effect Team? Contact Sherry K!



How did a ragtag bunch of passionate, diverse, fun-loving, compassionate, socially-aware, purpose-driven singers get together to make a profound and everlasting effect on our world?  Like many worthy endeavors, it started in a bar...in a Mexican restaurant...with Sherry K and a few friends.  The amount of tangible elements developed that evening was small.  The dream, however, was BIG -- use our music to unite, heal, love, contribute, educate, and inspire. 


Our Concerts:


We present 3 full concerts a year --


"If You Knew Me, You'd Love Me" 


A spring Earth Day celebration


 "Christmas in June"

(click Ongoing Projects for details)


Besides choral music and featured solos, we like to include the talents of local students, collaboration with area musicians, and a generous smattering of mediocre accordion!

10% of the proceeds from each concert is given to a local charitable organization.


Our Contributions:


In addition to our full concerts, we perform frequently for fundraisers, benefits, church coffeehouses, commemorative services and much more.  We provide Christmas caroling for the homebound, winter accessories for those in need, and affordable Singing Valentines for the community. We've also become quite renowned for our rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, an original arrangement by our accomplished director, Sherry K!


Choir for Hire:


While we are delighted to furnish our services to those in need, we are available for compensated gigs as well.  Want some entertainment at your next function? Call Sherry K at 574-291-9044 or email sherry@sherryk.com.



About Us

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