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Sherry K - Founder/Artistic Director

In 2014, Sherry Klinedinst gained a vision.  She had become very disheartened after watching countless news interviews with "representatives" of the Christian community who denounced various groups of citizens.  As a Christian, she didn't feel very "represented".  So she considered just how cool it would be to form a group of singers who actually embraced our differences and celebrated our diversity.  At that point, it only seemed natural to gather Sherry's talented friends and family and embarq on the journey that would become

The Ripple Effect: A Vocal Visionary Project. 


With a degree in piano performance from the Indiana University School of Music, Pianist/Composer/Director Sherry K has performed all across the country.  Sherry’s eclectic style includes everything from light jazz and new age, to gospel, classical and blues. What's a 'Sherry K' concert like? Her endearing personality, fun sense of humor, and impeccable keyboard skills make the whole musical experience a memorable one.  No musical stone goes unturned. Will you laugh? Absolutely. Will you cry? Possibly. Will you be bored? Never!

Recording projects include, “Westbound”, “A Whole New Woman”, “Sunday Best: Hymns and Spirituals Freshly Pressed" and her latest release, "Have Yourself a Sherry Little Christmas".

Her CDs are available at iTunes, CD Baby, and of course any

Ripple Effect Concert!

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