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"If You Knew Me" concert FAQ

Are you interested in collaborating with The Ripple Effect for an "If You Knew Me, You'd Love Me" concert in your area?  Below are answers to frequently asked questions about hosting. 

Are there sample excerpts of the "If You Knew Me" (IYKM) concert available on YouTube?

Yes!  Probably the best way to get a better idea of how the program works is to watch some videos from previous IYKM concerts.  We've posted some clips on our YouTube channel, which include--  


Songs:                                                                                                 Speakers:


Room at the Table                                                                             Who I Am

We Are Human                                                                                   I Came Out as Fat

Joyful, Joyful                                                                                        Being Different

More Love                                                                                           I'm Just the Old Guy

Who's in charge of getting speakers?

Hosts are in charge of lining up local speakers for the concert.  That being said, we usually have resources available in various cities, and several members of the choir are available to speak as well. 

How many speakers should there be?

Ideally, there should be 4 speakers.

What topics should the speakers discuss?

The focus of the concert is to hear from people who give us a glimpse of what it is like to live their lives.  Below is a link to the program from our original "If You Knew Me" (IYKM) concert, so you can see how we intertwined the music with the speakers.  Sam is an immigrant.  Virginia is a fat-acceptance advocate.  Meghan is a transgender woman.  Aaron is a young man with autism.  Lloyd is an elderly gentleman.  Delshawn is a young African American male.  Other individuals that have spoken are:

different religious and political affiliations

people with a wide range of disabilities 



all people LGBTQ+


persons living with HIV

bereaving parents

interracial families


caregivers of people living with Alzheimer's disease


representatives of the "Me Too" movement

previously incarcerated individuals

and much more


You may want to consider other voices from your community that need to be heard, and we can customize the music accordingly. 


Click here to see program:  

What is the deadline for securing speakers?

We like to know the topics of the speakers a month before the concert so that we can match the music to their stories. 

What is the length of the concert?

That is determined by the host.  We can do a 2-hour concert with intermission, or a 90-minute concert without intermission.  Length is also influenced by how many speakers are preferred.

How long should each speaker's presentation be?

We encourage the stories to be 5-7 minutes.  

Some hosts opt to hold a panel discussion after the concert to discuss breaking down barriers and building bridges in the area.  Usually a prominent community leader facilitates it, and it is very informative and insightful.  It gives the speakers a chance to elaborate more on their story if they feel the 5 minutes was not enough.  It also gives the audience a chance to ask questions.

You may want to consider that as an option.

How large does the venue need to be?

The Ripple Effect has performed for audiences as small as 43 and as large as 9,000.   

How much does The Ripple Effect charge to perform?

We receive 100% of the proceeds of the door, plus sales of The Ripple Effect merchandise. Some venues charge a suggested donation (usually $15-$20), but an offering is fine as well.  We spend the entire year raising funds to cover any expenses that are not met by the venues.  While we appreciate (and rely on) any donations that we receive, we do not consider this a money-making project. It is part of our genuine passion and commitment to sustaining our mission. 

What needs does The Ripple Effect have to perform?

Vital:  A well-tuned piano with sturdy bench, in plain view of the choir and in good condition (The pedals must work, and all the keys must play.) An 88-weighted key digital keyboard is also acceptable. 

We have 15-20 touring singers, so we would like either risers or steps to form 2-3 rows.  If that is not possible, we can have the front row sit.  We prefer to set up chairs for the singers so they can sit during the speaking.


A sound system suitable for the space and a person to run it (although we have a sound technician who travels with us, if you prefer) 

2 - 8' tables for merchandise display and 2 chairs for our sales crew 

3 music stands

A room for us to gather before the concert and some areas to change clothes

Some hosts have emailed pictures of the performance area before the concert so that logistics can be determined before we arrive---excellent idea!

What are your tech requirements?

All of our instrumentation is acoustic -- piano, guitars, and small percussion.  Unless it is a large venue, no amplification is needed for piano, percussion and the choir as a whole.  We will, however, need 2 microphones on stands for solos/duets.  The guitars can use one of those microphones.  Our director, Sherry K, will also use a 3rd microphone for speaking. Once we know the program, we can provide a guide sheet for your tech person for each song.


Fancy lighting is not necessary.  We are so far removed from fancy, ha!

Is a microphone check required?

Yes.  Typically, we hold a dress rehearsal/microphone check 4-5 hours before the performance. 

What materials do you have available for promotion?

We would certainly help with publicity on our end.  If a Facebook event is established, we would share the heck out of it.  And our director, Sherry K, is always willing to do interviews with local media as well.  We have a sample newsletter article that we can send you, along with a poster template that can be sent/posted locally. 

Does The Ripple Effect provide a printed program?

We do not.  We can, however, provide a program cover template.

Is it OK to make a video of the performance?

Absolutely! When sharing, please give The Ripple Effect proper credit.  

Do the hosts provide housing?

Nope. We arrange our own accommodations. 

Can meals be provided for the group?

Oh heck yeah!  We never turn down a meal.  

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