Our Mission Statement

The Ripple Effect choir is dedicated to the unification of communities and transformation of social awareness. As a unique ensemble, the singers place great emphasis on diversity, hope, and healing, as well as

megadoses of fun!  Their eclectic, challenging repertoire includes everything from hymns and spirituals to jazz and musical theater. Led by Sherry K, the choir seeks to influence and encourage others to make a difference and “ripple” out from their own lives by building bridges and promoting kindness.


The Ripple Effect is not just a group of voices, but a collective truth-speaking voice in the world by way of the enormous power of music.




Interested in becoming a member of The Ripple Effect?

Video/audio submissions are being accepted.

Contact Sherry K for more information at sherry@sherryk.com or 574.291.9044.


Meet the Ripplers

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The Ripple Effect Choir

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Sherry K, Executive Director