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The dream came to fruition just a short time ago, and we immediately started making a mark in our society. 

Help us keep the dream alive by donating to our group.

While we have a lot of fun, our mission remains serious --

to break down the barriers that divide us and build bridges in our community. 


But we can't do it without your help.  Please give your tax-deductible donation today (at the bright yellow button above), and know that we appreciate the sacrifice that you have made, so that we may continue our good work.

And it IS working.  Take a peek at what people are saying:


  "Congratulations to all the performers of The Ripple Effect Choir! The concert was amazing and so much fun to listen to. Special praise to Sherry K for her leadership. You've given a wonderful gift to this community! Thank you!!"

Michele Russo


  "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our first chance to attend. How Amazing, Beautiful, Powerful! Thank you Sherry K and members of the Ripple Effect, along with the guest speakers."

Syl and Jane


Sherry, Thanks seems like too little to say in response to the gift you gave us last night! You, the choir, the music and just everything about the evening were amazing and inspiring. The combination of wonderful speakers who share the heart with the music that had so much heart in it made for one of the most meaningful times I have had in a long time...It was even more uplifting than what your promised in your material.

Rev. Joseph Easley


  "Congratulations to all those in the choir and orchestra with amazing talents for such a wonderful concert and time of connection - and to the administrators and technicians and planners giving us a time afterwards to revel in the many moments we all shared together in so many ways."

Jon Taylor


  "As a musical "want-to-be", I want to thank Ripple Effect-Choir and its' Director, for inviting me to participate in its delightful and healing presentation, Friday, in Walkerton. As a retired parish minister and a mental health professional, I was delighted and deeply impressed by the loving, reaching-out, and bridge building language and spirit of its' music. I know that the individuals who organized this event went with the hopes of empowering conflicted groups to find the means of approaching and hearing each other."

Rev. John Hart


  "Outstanding, amazing, moving, enriching, spiritual, uniting, beautiful, excellent, jamming, fun, positive, inclusive, memorable, fun, sensitive, welcoming, touching, and definitely making rippling currents of positive vibrations in the universe = The Ripple Effect Choir performance today."

Vickie Marshall


  "I'm a firm believer that where there is love, laughter, and the gift of music, there is family! Thanks to you all for the love, laughter, and the bridge building, life changing music we create together."

Delshawn Taylor


 "Thanks for singing at Broadway's fundraiser this evening!! You were wonderful."

Crystal Collier


  "Hey friends! My sister Elizabeth Loring is part of this choir, and she really loves it. I've seen the choir perform, and they are really something special."

William Loring


  "I love being part of this community choir on so many levels. We perform really fun, challenging music; we have a lot of laughs; we get to do cool things like sing the National Anthem before the Cubs game or make people cry while delivering singing valentines. We stand up for what we believe is right, and we seek always to build bridges of love and understanding. We are diverse in gender, race, age, faith traditions (including "none"), sexual orientation, politics, and favorite flavors of ice cream. We have a musical director who never yells, but pulls amazing performances out of us. And Sherry K plays the piano so fantastically that it is just RIDICULOUS. Seriously, she rocks so hard."

Elizabeth Loring


  "...sounds like great fun and a great community effort. This world needs more of this and more serving others & for all of us to be more like Jesus."

Marsha Cogle:




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